Enterprise Resource Planning

Optimize Time, Resources, ROI, and Manage Your Complete business with total control.

Kautech provides easily adaptable, powerful and very flexible technology driven ERP solutions by analyzing your business problem statement to the core. Connect all your company’s data in one platform and use it from anywhere with simple internet connection. Our simple and sophisticated user interface allows your business prospects, employees, and partners to use with ease. Getting a clear picture of your organization/company is just a click away.

Track and Manage your Finances

Manage your business with modern ERP systems, equipped with intuitive accounting systems and all specific required insights related to financial reporting.

Kautech offers you crafted features in ERP systems to help your businesses manage cash flow, accounts payable, accounts receivable, records, and etc. Now get a real - time experience of your company's financial status at any instance.

Build Customer Relationships

Know your customers better with our CRM software and manage your entire sales funnel with ease.

Get ERP system with next – generation CRM software with data analytics and reports to check customer or clients behaviour, buying methods, customer satisfaction, trends and many more. Organize complete customer data

Human Capital Management

Dealing with human capital is hectic at times. Ease your HR work with our ERP solutions

Save time by automating all the aspects of workforce management of your company. Stop crunching numbers and integrate payroll with time and attendance sheets into the software.

Manage your Warehouse Stock

Manage your Inventory entails rather than moving stock in and outside.

Predict your future even during market uncertanity. With Kautech's inventory management solutions manage your storage space efficiently with optimum utilization.

Manage your Company Assets

Get the most out of your investment in assets.

Our solutions help you predict the real value of your assets either rise or depreciation. Take necessary actions before hand using the data provided to gain the most out of your investment in assets.